Tutor the age group you want, when you want, for the pay you want!

You're in!  In order for your payment to be sent to you, we require your UK bank details and an ID document to be uploaded and reviewed by the Tutor Wallet team.

You simply go to MY ACCOUNT and WALLET.  Upload your passport or driving licence - it takes 2 working days for verification.

Payments are processed every Tuesday and will be in your bank by Friday.

Please note, as a self-employed tutor you need to file a self-assessment tax return with HMRC each year and to pay tax and national insurance contributions on your profit.

You can find guidance about your obligations as a self-employed tutor here:


And here:


Free Trial

We have found tutors who offer free trials get significantly more tutoring requests.

This provides the opportunity for tutors, students and parents to meet in the online Tutor Room to discuss tutoring requirements, ask questions and experience an online lesson. 

How to offer a free trial

Go to the Student's name in messages and click on the cogwheel next to their name.  Select Free Trial. 

Now just go to the Tutor Room and meet each other.

Just Registered?

Thank you for registering with Step Tutors, one of the Account Managers will make contact with you within two working days.  

If you meet our criteria then we will need to see the following documents: 

  • Passport or Driving Licence
  • Enhanced DBS certificate & you'll also need to be on the Update Service
  • Most up to date CV
  • Details of 2 referees
  • Qualifications

Whilst we're checking your credentials, you can start to create your profile.  Remember, your profile won't be visible and you cannot tutor until we have completed all checks.